"Hello, I'm Sheilah"

My Mission

My mission is to work together with you to evolve your awareness of your body and yourself, so you can be the creator of your own well-being. While health is my passion and my profession, I know that you are the most powerful healer in your life. I do hope that you reconnect with your body, keep your parts in working order, and come to understand your unique patterns of imbalance, but I know it must always be your decision to do that. I offer the space and the support for you to be inspired to follow the wisdom of your process.

About Me

I began formally practicing massage in my home state of Michigan in 2012. With a passion for natural healing and the kinesthetics of the human body, I left academia and obtained a massage therapy degree at the Naturopathic School of Ann Arbor, then began to practice out of Sacred Body Massage with Angela Gorman, one of my former teachers.

Now I am happy to say I feel fully at home in Durham, NC, a place that has continued to support my interests in health and healing. Healing is a word that to me goes far beyond the western medical definition. It is not simply a lack of physical disease, nor is it some perfected state that can be achieved through strict adherence to a certain diets, exercise regimens, meditations. It is instead, an approach to living that celebrates the gradual discovery of who we uniquely are. It is a quiet faith in the intelligence of biological systems, and in the core goodness of human beings. And it is in recognizing this power and core goodness in yourself, then extending the appreciation to others, that we construct healthy relationships, communities, nations, and a healthy planet.

I chose to name my practice after the Eno River, because it seems to embody this view of life and healing. It is steady and inevitable. It swirls and splashes over obstacles that only enhance the beauty of its flow. It’s banks are constantly destroyed and reshaped by storms and time, yet it will always be there, a river. It is imperfectly created by nature yet somehow faultlessly beautiful.

I love hiking along the Eno. I have a passion for nature, food, social justice, language, emotions, dance, stillness and of course the human form. I believe in having tolerance for different ways of life, and in confidently pursuing my own.

My Ideal Client...

Eats real, living foods, and exercises at least twice a week (or is striving to do these things). Consciously avoids unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and judging. Is curious about discovering new ways to feel better. Is creatively involved in their own healing process. Is willing to try new things. Is willing to communicate both positive and negative feelings and strives to be clear and honest. Understands the importance of boundaries in all relationships. Understands that perfection is not a realistic goal and that healing/learning will be a life-long process.